C2 Contractors prides itself in knowing what it takes to develop a brand new network or modernize a pre-existing platform. Our well-trained experts consult with you to understand your organization's current and future strategies and business goals. Once we have captured your requirements, we develop an implementation plan designed to meet your budget and timetable.

Strategic Planning
In-depth planning is a pre-requisite of any successful project. We combine our assessment of the current state of your network and our knowledge of advanced networking and communications technologies to assist you in the development of a networking strategy. Once we establish a strategy, we develop a detailed action plan that describes the specific resources necessary to implement the strategy.

Integration and Support
C2 Contractors employs a staff of certified system engineers to design, support, and implement today's industry leading technologies. We have proven expertise in delivering the following industry leading technologies:
    Transmission mediums, signaling techniques, access methods, network topologies; installation of network hubs, routers, bridges, gateways, controllers, repeaters, modems, servers, workstations, and associated network backbones.

  • Cabling/Wiring
    Relay tracks, telephone cross connects; cable management systems, wall mount and surface mount connector plates, and high reliability connectors.

  • Fiber Optic Network Design/Implementation
    Star, ring, and bus topologies. Our engineers are trained in cable placement for LAN (site), building, and campus applications.
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