C2 Contractors will perform an extensive examination of your home or business, using techniques based on structural science. Utilizing industry accepted tools, we will be able to show you where you are wasting energy. The information obtained through the Energy Audit is then used to build a computerized snapshot of the energy footprint of your structure on the spot. then we provide suggested measures that can be taken to improve it, taking the guess work of improvements out of the equation. After you review this report with our expert technician, we then provide you the opportunity to either work with our well qualified construction division, or help you to find qualified contractors in your area.

A C2 Contractor Energy Auditor utilizes a number of techniques, procedures and equipment to discover the energy efficiency of a building. By using equipment such as blower doors, which measure leakage inside the building envelope, and infrared cameras, which help to reveal even minor areas of air penetration and missing insulation, we are able to help save you money.
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